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Why Does Your Specialty Matter?

Chiropractic care has been shown to improve overall health and well-being of patients. As such, chiropractors like you are mainly responsible for treating patients’ neuromusculoskeletal systems. This comprises nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. In caring for your patients, you have numerous roles such as reviewing your patient’s medical history, assessing their present condition, and building a treatment plan for the information gathered. To achieve this, you analyze the patient’s problem source through the use of x-rays and ultrasounds. As a form of treatment, you provide various methods of chiropractic therapy. This includes manipulating or aligning the muscles, joints, and spine, giving massage therapy, or physical rehab. In addition, you also equip your patients with information regarding their proper diet or exercise plans to prevent any future or further conditions. Finally, you refer your patients to other physicians if need be.
Core VIrtual Solutions

Tasks VMAs Can Do For You

Core Supports Your Practice by Performing Admin and Medical Related Tasks

Scheduling patient consultations & scheduling alignments, massage therapy, or physical rehab

Sending x-ray or ultrasound referrals to patients

Managing cancellations if there are any

Preparing, reviewing, and submitting claims to ensure revenue generation from services rendered

Organizing patient appointments to prevent overlap

Communicating with patients for follow-up appointment

Accomplishing patient intake

Ensuring aftercare procedures are followed

Transcribing and updating data on patient’s EHRs

Marketing your clinic to acquire more patients

Managing the clinic’s general calendar

Other analogous tasks as you may deem relevant

Core VIrtual Solutions

Core VMAs for Your Practice

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General Virtual Medical Assistant

Medical Receptionist

Patient Care Coordinator

Telephone Triage Assistant

Remote Patient Monitoring Assistant

Medical Transcriptionist

Virtual Medical Scribe

Virtual Medical Biller

Core VIrtual Solutions


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