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Providing top-notch long term care requires a tremendous amount of effort from Medical Facility owners like you. From recruiting the most skilled medical professionals to understanding what housing is best for each individual resident, it’s a lot to handle for you. To ensure comprehensive and quality healthcare, you must maintain communication between team members as well as families or guardians at all times. Any issues should then be quickly identified and managed accordingly. It truly takes an entire dedicated team working together in order to keep residents safe, healthy, and happy.  To achieve a well-run Long Term Care Facility, you need to leverage Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs). 
Core VIrtual Solutions

Tasks VMAs Can Do For You

Core Supports Your Practice by Performing Admin and Medical Related Tasks

Preparing daily, weekly, and monthly reports for the medical facility

Receiving and answering inquiries from phone calls or messages

Scheduling consultations & processing data for residents

Following up on unpaid claims within the standard billing cycle timeframe

Accomplishing residents' prescription or medication refills

Organizing residents' external appointments with specialty providers

Transcribing medical reports, summaries, and other medical data of residents

Providing online copies of transcribed documents to caretakers, Physicians, or other providers for their reference

Accomplishing complete and accurate resident registration in the facility

Discussing medical history, medical conditions, and consulting medical needs with residents and their family members or guardians

Assisting the care team with developing and assessing health interventions

Coordinating with other healthcare providers for continuity of residents' care

Interfacing with EHR/EMR to set up residents in the Remote Patient Monitoring program.

Retrieving patient data and transfers it into the database to establish the resident profile and equipment assignment

Reviewing initial results from devices installed and establishing upper and lower range alert thresholds.

Accompanying physician and patients' examinations virtually

Documenting patient information into the EMR during the patient encounter. Answering all inquiries pertaining to assigned accounts

Checking eligibility and benefits verification for residents’ accommodation and treatments

Reviewing resident bills for accuracy and completeness, and obtains any missing information

Preparing, reviewing, and transmitting claims using billing software.

Core VIrtual Solutions

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Core VIrtual Solutions


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