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Who Are You?

Why Does Your Specialty Matter?

As a dentist, you are an essential member of the healthcare community. Beyond checking the patient’s teeth, what you do for the oral health of a patient impacts the overall health of the body. The oral health can be a basis to an existing infection, problems in one’s diet, or other diseases.  Patients ask for aid when the pain becomes unbearable. Your patients rely on you for relief from pain and to help restore their oral health. Without you, many would be unable to function and carry on with their daily lives. Your patients are for sure grateful for your service and accommodation. 
Core VIrtual Solutions

Tasks VMAs Can Do For You

Core Supports Your Practice by Performing Admin and Medical Related Tasks

Setting appointments of tooth extractions, tooth cleaning, root canals, or fillings, and managing cancellations if there are any.

Answering inquiries on the dental clinic's available services such as teeth whitening, veneers, or braces, dentures, or tooth restoration.

Scheduling a consultation with the dental clinic and organizing patient appointments to prevent overlap

Preparing, reviewing, and submitting claims to ensure revenue generation from dental services

Communicating with patients for follow-up appointment

Accomplishing patient intake

Ensuring aftercare procedures are followed

Sending out patient’s electronic prescription, as needed

Transcribing and updating data on patient’s EHRs

Marketing your clinic to acquire more patients

Managing the clinic’s general calendar

Other analogous tasks as you may deem relevant

Core VIrtual Solutions

Core VMAs for Your Practice

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Core VIrtual Solutions


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