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Rehabilitation centers are an integral part of the healthcare system, providing comprehensive care for accident victims to help them regain their independence after trauma. These centers provide medical treatments such as physical therapy and psychotherapy services, along with round-the-clock care tailored to meet individual needs.  The goal of rehabilitation is to restore function so that the patient can resume day-to-day activities in a safe and enjoyable way. They also aim for their patients to gain autonomy over their life again. Rehabilitation centers provide much needed support in achieving this through not just basic treatments but also by offering tailored long-term care plans and holistic wellness approaches. Such approaches have allowed countless accident victims to live healthier lives post-trauma. To perform all this, Rehabilitation Centers are burdened with numerous tasks.
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Tasks VMAs Can Do For You

Core Supports Your Practice by Performing Admin and Medical Related Tasks

Prepares daily reports in advance of the patient's consultation

Schedules patient consultation with the Rehabilitation Center

Answers phone calls and messages and address inquiries regarding the Rehabilitation center and its programs

Accomplished prescription and medication refills

Transcribes medical reports, summaries, office visit notes, and other medical documents from previous physicians or provider

Creates templates and enters data into Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems for updated record-keeping and archives

Ensures complete and accurate patient registration

Discusses and consults health history, diagnosis, and needs with patients and their family members

Educate patients and family members about health conditions and medications, and treatments provided

Checks in on the patient regularly and evaluates and documents their progress

Assists the care team with developing health interventions and treatment plans

Accompanies physician and patients' examinations virtually and documents patient information into the EMR during the patient encounter

Ensures that all clinical data, test results, or patient developments are recorded accurately

Checks eligibility and benefits verification for treatments and procedures

Follow up on unpaid claims within the standard billing cycle timeframe

Answers all patient or insurance telephone inquiries pertaining to assigned accounts

Core VIrtual Solutions

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