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  • What is a Virtual Assistant?

    A virtual assistant (VA) provides remote support by handling repetitive or tedious tasks for business owners and individuals. VAs specialize in specific areas and manage tasks such as scheduling, budgeting, administrative work, and production management.

  • Where do you source your Virtual Assistants?

    Our virtual assistants are sourced from the Philippines, known for their high qualifications, reliability, and experience. Each VA undergoes thorough FBI checks before hiring. With English as their second language, they offer excellent written skills for professional assistance. Our VAs rank in the top 2% percentile, ensuring top-notch service.

  • How quickly can I get my new Virtual Assistant?

    After our discovery call, we'll present you with candidate options. The hiring process typically takes three days to a week, depending on your desired qualifications. Learn more about our process here.

  • Do you cater to other industries aside from Real Estate?

    Yes, Core Virtual Solutions is rapidly expanding to meet various business needs. We serve: - Medical and Healthcare - Real Estate - Mortgage and Insurance - Human Resources & Finance - Business Coaching - E-Commerce

  • Do you provide tools for Virtual Assistants?

    Yes, our Core Virtual Assistants have access to essential communication, tracking, productivity, and security tools.

  • Who will be my main point of contact with my Virtual Assistant?

    You'll have a dedicated account manager overseeing your VA's performance and conducting regular meetings with you to ensure alignment and satisfaction. Our personalized management system assigns an account manager to each client for tailored support.

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