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Why Did We Become a Virtual Medical Assistant Provider

As a clinician, I know firsthand how busy the healthcare and medical staff is. I see it daily in my clinical experience – the unrelenting stream of administrative tasks such as managing EMRs, charting, sending prescriptions, and scheduling patients. It’s no wonder some vital information is getting overlooked. These led to more time with paper works and decreased time with patient care. And most evidently, the continuous increase of healthcare staff burnout throughout the years.

As someone with over a decade of experience in the Virtual Assistant Industry, I saw an opportunity to leverage the same setup in the Healthcare and Medical field as we continue to expand. At this pivotal point in history, when remote assistance is on the rise, Core Virtual Solutions was born.

Our company understands that not everyone is used to a virtual setup. We are here to make the transition much easier with our HIPAA-compliant VMAs and plug-and-play solution for your digital workspace.

Core Virtual Solutions ensures that physicians claim their time to focus on what they’re trained to do – providing caliber patient care. And when physicians are able to do what they’re passionate about, everyone benefits. Patients receive the high-quality care they deserve, and physicians are able to elevate their medical practice.

Built with a strong service mindset, strengthened by our vision, and reinforced by global communities' needs, we are your business's heart. We are CORE.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Investing in our services is a smart way to reduce your overhead without sacrificing the high level quality of service you deserve.

No Trainings Needed

Access talents of fully trained and certified nursing and medical allied course graduates as your Virtual Medical Assistant.

Specialized VMAs

We have VMAs with background in their specific specializations such as pediatrics, addiction, mental health, family practice, etc.

Latest Technology

Experience the latest in security technology with compliance to HIPAA to ensure that your personal data is protected.

We serve medical practitioners with clinic
Core VIrtual Solutions


What We Stand as a Remote Staffing Company


We are HIPAA compliant, and BAA is in place as we subscribe to a culture of transparency and uphold strong morals and ethics in the digital space, responsible for our actions and conduct.


We give seamless, human, and genuine support to our clients through innovative, relationship-based services that help them be at their peak and deliver exceptional patient care.


We empower our clients to challenge the status quo and further advance in their field, leveraging technology to their advantage and taking ownership of their time and space to elevate faster.

Our Core Purpose

To empower medical professionals to do what they were trained to do with ease.

To enable medical practitioners establish their practice by minimizing their workload, boosting their profit, and enhancing their work-life balance through genuine virtual medical assistance.

To decrease your burnout and elevate your medical practice with the right assistance.


Let’s get in touch! Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to serve you.

Core VIrtual Solutions


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We serve medical practitioners with clinic