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Core Care Admin

Core Care Admin Services can provide you with Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs) who can take on a variety of tasks, from managing your schedule to handling patient calls and transcribing medical records. With our team of experienced and HIPAA-certified VMAs, you can confidently focus on providing the best possible care for your patients. Learn more about how each Admin VMAs can help you streamline your practice.

  • General Virtual Assistant
  • Medical/Dental Receptionist
  • Telehealth Support Assistant
  • Medical Transcriptionist

Core Care Management

As a medical practitioner, you know that providing high-quality patient care requires coordination and support. Our Core Care Management Service offers VMAs who can help you provide better care for your patients.Our expertly trained VMAs provides services including patient care coordination, telephone triage, remote patient monitoring, and live virtual scribing.

  • Patient Care Coordinator
  • Telephone Triage Assistant
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Assistant
  • Live Virtual Scribe

Core Revenue Support

Proper and accurate billing and coding of medical services is vital to a healthcare provider's revenue cycle management. Our Core VMAs provide revenue support services for individual medical practitioners, group practices, and hospitals. Our experience, expertise, and people-powered approach deliver the comprehensive support you need to run your business efficiently while maximizing reimbursement. You can trust that our team will handle every aspect of your billing and coding with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail.

  • Medical Biller
  • Medical Coder
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How Do You Get Partnered With a Core VMA?

Discovery Call

A free and quick consultation call to assess the needs of your practice and what ideal staff you're expecting. We'll find the perfect match who can meet your demands.

Talent Matching

We'll review all qualified candidates that meet your criteria and provide you with a shortlist of top candidates that match your ideal staff profile.

Interview Candidates

We'll send you candidate profiles so you can paper screen or interview them. We'll work with you to schedule interviews so you can make the best hiring decision for your business.

Hiring & On-boarding

After finalizing the hiring details, we will assign a dedicated client success manager who will facilitate you chosen Virtual Medical Assistant and your onboarding.

Start Working Together

Great work on selecting the perfect Virtual Medical Assistant! It's time to get down to business and start delegating tasks.

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We serve medical practitioners with clinic