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7 Key Pointers to Boost your Remote Team’s Productivity this 2023

Working remotely comes with many advantages and challenges, such as efforts to boost your remote team’s productivity. Companies can save on office costs, recruit employees from different locations, reduce commuting time, and related pollution. Ultimately, it increases job satisfaction and productivity. Employers also benefit from the greater trust in their employees and improved morale among the team. Additionally, a remote working environment allows your team to communicate effectively in real time, regardless of their location. This makes it easier to get projects done from anywhere in the world. 

However, remote work also faces some challenges, such as figuring out how to boost the remote team’s productivity. But this is not without a solution. 

Here are key pointers to boost your remote team’s productivity this 2023! 

1. Utilize collaboration tools 

In today’s increasingly remote business environment, if you are not maximizing collaboration tools, then you’re missing out. Access to collaborative tools is essential for ensuring that your remote team remains productive. With the right collaboration tools, remote teams can access better communication platforms, more manageable file sharing, and more resources. From video conferencing software to online productivity trackers, these collaboration tools can help boost your remote team’s productivity exponentially. This ensures that employees complete the tasks on time and accurately. 

Additionally, it allows your team to work together on projects regardless of distance. By utilizing collaboration tools, you can boost your remote team’s productivity and ensure everyone is in sync, no matter where they work.

2. Make sure to eliminate distractions 

Working remotely can undoubtedly have its own set of challenges, especially as it relates to distractions. Outside influences can quickly impact concentration and focus, whether team members work from home or in a coworking space. To boost your remote team’s productivity, it’s essential to eliminate as many distractions as possible.

You can do this by setting expectations for everyone to focus on the task and establish protocols that each member must follow. This includes ensuring that your team turns off their devices like phones and tablets while in work mode. Having a specific period for eating lunch and addressing personal needs would contribute to the overall productivity. Doing this helps you to remain productive and focused throughout the day.

3. Incorporate productivity techniques 

For remote teams looking to boost their productivity, incorporating time-blocking and the popular Pomodoro technique can be valuable. By setting specific blocks of time to focus on a particular task, you’ll find you can achieve more in those dedicated chunks. This is beneficial rather than tackling the project haphazardly. On the other hand, the Pomodoro technique advocates for short bursts of 25 minutes of uninterrupted work. Then, after the 25-minute mark, a well-deserved break follows. As a result, the Pomodoro technique boosts concentration levels and morale.

Combining these two techniques makes for an organized workflow that won’t only help your team complete work faster and better. Breaking down tasks into manageable chunks with a consistent timeframe to tackle them can help boost energy and motivation. Other productivity techniques are Kanban, Eat the Frog, Eisenhower Matrix, and Zen to Done. You can choose, mix and match which ones work for you and your team!

4. Have weekly check-ins 

Having weekly check-ins with remote teams can boost productivity immensely. It provides a space for exchanging ideas and tracking progress and encourages team members to stay on task. With short weekly meetings, team members can get feedback from each other and their teammates and supervisors. You can also tailor check-ins to address any struggling areas of work or focus on what’s working best for each employee or group. Regularly reviewing tasks will boost the team’s morale. This leads to driven productivity and increased performance to ensure projects are completed on time and with quality results.

5. Use meeting times wisely 

Hosting productive meetings isn’t always easy when you have a remote team, but it is possible with the right strategies. You should spend every minute in a meeting towards achieving tangible objectives. To ensure things stay on track during virtual gatherings, it’s important to define goals for each and stick to them. It would help if you allocate time for dialogue among participants and individual tasks.

Establishing clear guidelines on when to share ideas, ask questions or switch topics can be incredibly helpful. This keeps the conversation organized and productive. If a discussion goes over its allotted time, don’t hesitate to pause the meeting. You can always follow up via email if more input is needed. These steps will help ensure your company makes the most of meeting times while working remotely.

6. Establish SMART goals 

Establishing SMART goals is an effective way to boost the productivity of remote teams. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based. The acronym serves as a helpful framework for managers to create meaningful goals that their remote team can clearly understand and accomplish within a certain time. By setting clear expectations from the start, managers can ensure that their remote team is motivated to work diligently and accomplish tasks. SMART goals are essential for boosting a remote team’s productivity, as they provide structured guidance and a sense of purpose in the workplace.

7. Keep your team engaged and motivated 

Keeping your remote team engaged and motivated is essential for achieving the best productivity. After all, a successful remote team relies on having a solid foundation of trust, communication, and collaboration among members. The team leader should strive to create an open and welcoming environment where everyone feels heard and respected.

You can accomplish this through having regular check-ins with each member, and setting clear expectations and goals. Also, you can do  this through acknowledging the successes of your team members, providing meaningful feedback, and encouraging innovative ideas. When team members feel valued, respected, and satisfied, they will always be eager to boost your remote team’s productivity.

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