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9 Leadership Lessons for Physicians From Ted Lasso

There are many leadership lessons for Physicians from Ted Lasso; it is not just a comedy-drama series. The show’s central theme revolves around a fictional football coach, Ted Lasso. In the show, he finds himself coaching an English soccer team despite having no experience in the game. His incredibly positive attitude, empathy towards others, and strong leadership qualities are key to turning the team’s fortunes around. 

These same qualities are what physicians like you must strive to embody when shaping healthy workplace culture. By prioritizing positivity, empathy, and leading by example, physicians can create a work environment that fosters growth and collaboration.

Here are nine leadership lessons for physicians from Ted Lasso!

1. Create a healthy culture. 

One of the most important leadership lessons for physicians from Ted lasso is the importance of creating a healthy culture. As a leader, it’s not just about making sure people are happy and getting along. It’s about fostering an environment where everyone feels empowered to do their best work. 

When it comes to healthcare, this means creating a space where doctors can collaborate effectively. It also includes communicating openly with their teams and putting patients first. By taking cues from Ted Lasso, you can improve the culture of their practice and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

2. Be a goldfish yourself.  

As physicians, leadership is a crucial aspect of our daily lives. With the countless responsibilities of being a doctor, you often face numerous challenges and obstacles. But what can we learn from Ted Lasso? Surprisingly, quite a bit. One of which is to become a goldfish–to forget our past failures and move on to try again. 

This is an essential trait for leaders, especially physicians like you who have the well-being of patients in their hands. To strive for success, we must embody the mindset of a goldfish and never allow our past failures to define us.

3. Let your team know that you appreciate them every chance you get. 

As a leader, showing appreciation for your team is one of the crucial leadership lessons for physicians from Ted lasso. In the popular TV series, Ted never misses an opportunity to let his team know how valuable they are. This simple act of gratitude boosts morale and creates an environment of trust and positivity. 

Physicians can take a cue from Ted and make it a habit to acknowledge their team’s hard work and dedication. A kind word or gesture can go a long way in inspiring your team to work harder and stay committed to their roles. So, if you’re a physician looking to lead successfully, follow Ted’s example and tell your team how much you appreciate them.

4. Always be a team player. 

The hit series Ted Lasso has captured the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide with its heartwarming and inspiring messages. One of these messages is the importance of being a team player, which is a valuable leadership lesson for physicians to learn. Physicians often work in interdisciplinary teams as healthcare professionals to provide the highest quality care for their patients. 

By putting the needs of the team before their own, physicians can create a positive and collaborative work environment where everyone feels valued and supported. By taking a lesson from our favorite football coach turned soccer manager, physicians can lead with kindness, humility, and respect and achieve greatness as a team.

5. Don’t let one team member fall through. 

One of the many takeaways from the show is to never let one team member fall through the cracks. As physicians, this is a crucial lesson to remember. Every team member must be supported and valued, even without meeting expectations. If one person is left behind, it can cause dissatisfaction and discord, which could ultimately harm the entire operation. With Ted Lasso’s example, physicians can learn how to cultivate a positive and inclusive team culture that will ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.

6. Listen to your team’s ideas. 

Leadership can take many forms, but one of the most important skills is the ability to listen. This is especially true in medicine, where practitioners must collaborate closely with their colleagues to provide the best possible care for their patients. That’s why physician leaders can benefit from the lessons Ted Lasso offers. This charming and insightful show is about much more than just soccer; it’s also a masterclass in leadership skills. 

One of the key lessons is the importance of listening to your team’s ideas. Creating an open and inclusive culture can help your colleagues feel valued and empowered to share their insights and perspectives. This, in turn, can lead to better decisions, improved morale, and, ultimately, better patient outcomes.

7. Empower your team, and they’ll exceed your expectations. 

Ted Lasso is not just a heartwarming comedy but also teaches physicians valuable leadership lessons. One of the most important lessons is that when you empower your team, they’ll exceed your expectations. Ted Lasso’s team of misfits starts as a group of underdogs, but with his guidance and encouragement, they begin to believe in themselves, and their abilities exponentially grow. 

As a physician, you can foster growth and development in your team by involving them in important decision-making and allowing them to take on challenging tasks. When you give your team the freedom to explore their potential, you might just be surprised by what they can achieve.

8. Trust your team and delegate tasks. 

As a physician, leadership comes naturally with the job. However, taking a step further and being a successful leader requires one to trust and delegate tasks to their team. In healthcare, every member is crucial in delivering the best patient care and achieving optimal outcomes. Ted Lasso’s leadership lessons beautifully highlight the importance of delegation, communication, and trust in a team. 

By handing over tasks and responsibilities to your team members, you improve their skills and competence and give them a sense of ownership and responsibility. Leaders who trust their team and empower them to take charge can achieve greatness in their practice.

9. Pay attention to your mental health and get help if necessary

Among the many leadership lessons it highlights, paying attention to your mental health and seeking help when necessary is crucial. Physicians, in particular, deal with high stress levels, long hours, and intense workloads, which can take a toll on their mental well-being. 

Ignoring your mental health needs can lead to burnout and affect your ability to provide quality patient care. Learning to prioritize your mental health and seeking help when required makes you a better physician and sets an example for others to follow. The show’s message is a timely reminder that taking care of your mental well-being should be essential to your leadership journey.

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