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At Core Virtual Solutions, we believe that transformative change begins with collaboration. That's why we're excited to introduce our Affiliate Program – a dynamic partnership opportunity designed to empower both healthcare enthusiasts and business-minded individuals. Join us in revolutionizing medical practices and reaping the rewards of a prosperous partnership. Welcome to a journey where impact meets income.

Why Partner with Us?

At Core Virtual Solutions, we're dedicated to transforming medical practices through virtual assistant support. By becoming an affiliate partner, you align yourself with a leader in healthcare innovation while enjoying numerous benefits.

  1. Lucrative Commissions: Earn substantial commissions for every successful referral. Your hard work is rewarded generously.

  2. Industry Innovation: Be a part of our mission to reshape healthcare through innovative virtual assistant services.

  3. Trusted Partner: Associate with a recognized leader in virtual medical assistance, backed by a strong reputation and satisfied clients.

Core VIrtual Solutions

Our affiliate program is ideal for:

Medical Professionals

Doctors, nurses, medical administrators, and professionals passionate about healthcare improvement.

Business and Marketing

Entrepreneurs, marketers, and business-minded individuals eager to make an impact while earning.

Core VIrtual Solutions

How Does It Work?

Joining our affiliate program is straightforward!

Sign Up

Complete a simple registration process. Our team will review your application within 2 business days. And upon approval, you'll receive your unique affiliate link.


Utilize your affiliate link in your unique ways to spread the word about Core Virtual Solutions Virtual Medical Assistant services.

Earn Commissions

When a client referred by you signs up for our services, you earn a commission based on their package.

Track & Optimize

Access your affiliate dashboard to monitor your performance, track commissions, and optimize your strategy for even better results.

Core VIrtual Solutions

How Much Will You Earn?

Receive $350 for each Referred Client who signs up for a full-time Virtual Assistant (40 hours per week).
Earn $175 for each Referred Client who signs up for a part-time Virtual Assistant (less than 40 hours per week).

Eligibility Criteria

See if your referral qualifies for commission payout!

  1. Referrals must sign up for virtual assistant services through your affiliate link to qualify for commission payouts.
  2. Commissions are applicable to both full-time and part-time virtual assistant services.
Core VIrtual Solutions

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