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Interview Questions for Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs)

You don’t need to panic anymore when interviewing online. Here are some essential questions to ask for virtual medical assistants!

As any healthcare worker who has a Telemedicine practice, you may be curious about what should be the right interview questions for Virtual Medical Assistants. And this may be the effect of the rising demand for such remote staff. This blog will serve as your guide as your build your remote team from the ground!

The hike for VMA needs

The rising cost of healthcare and the increasing demand for medical services has led to a shortage of available medical professionals. It has also led to the burnout of many physicians. One way to alleviate this problem is to hire virtual medical assistants (VMAs). Virtual Medical Assistants provide various services, including scheduling appointments, ordering prescriptions, and managing medical records. They also serve as a liaison between patients and doctors. As a result, you must ensure that they have the specific skills that fit your practice.

But first, what are the benefits of hiring a VMA?

  1. You can delegate your tasks to your VMAs, alleviating your burnout
  2. VMAs can perform both administrative and medical-related tasks
  3. They are an effective cost-saving measure
  4. There are different types of VMAs for your medical practice
  5. VMAs can help expand your Telemedicine practice.

Why do you need these interview questions for Virtual Medical Assistants?

Because VMAs are not physically present in your office, it can be daunting to know how to interview them. One of the biggest challenges is that it can be difficult to gauge someone’s qualifications and work ethic when you are not meeting them in person. Thus, the following serves as your guide when interviewing your future VMA. After all, no one gets hurt by being prepared.

Take note of these questions for Virtual Medical Assistants the next time you conduct an interview!

1. Tell me about your experience with being a VMA.

During the interview process, be sure to ask about the applicant’s virtual medical assistant experience. Find out how they use technology to communicate with patients and coordinate care. Ask about challenges they have encountered while working virtually and how they have overcome them. By including this in your interview questions for virtual medical assistants, you can ensure that you hire a well-equipped one.

2. As a virtual medical assistant, how will you ensure that you follow HIPAA guidelines?

As an employer, you must ask how they will ensure they follow HIPAA guidelines. In fact, it should be one of your top questions for virtual medical assistants. HIPAA compliance is vital in healthcare to protect patient information from being accessed or shared without proper authorization. There are many steps that a medical assistant can take to ensure HIPAA compliance, such as keeping patient information confidential, only accessing information when necessary, and disposing of patient information properly.

When they answer this perfectly, you can gauge how smart they are in complying with HIPAA guidelines.

3. Are you familiar with any medical-related software? 

When looking to hire a virtual medical assistant, you must ask them if they are familiar with any medical-related software. This is important for a few reasons. First, if they are unfamiliar with the software, they will need to be trained on how to use it. This takes time and can be costly. Second, if they are not familiar with the software, there is a chance that they will make mistakes when using it. This can lead to errors in patient care or billing. Finally, if they are not familiar with the software, they may not be able to provide the level of support that you need. For these reasons, you must keep this as one of your questions for virtual medical assistants.

4. How well can you handle working from home?

Being a Telemedicine practitioner, this should be one of the questions for virtual medical assistants. There are a few key things you should look for in an answer.

First, you want to make sure that the applicant is comfortable with the idea of working from home. This means that they should have a dedicated workspace set up in their home, and they should be able to maintain a consistent schedule. Secondly, you want to ensure that the applicant can stay organized and keep track of their work. This includes being able to keep patient files up-to-date and being able to communicate effectively with other members of the care team.

Finally, you want to ensure that the applicant is comfortable using technology. This includes being able to use teleconferencing software and electronic medical records. If an applicant can demonstrate that they have these skills, then they will likely be a successful virtual medical assistant.

5. Tell me about your computer literacy.

While most people understand how to use a computer, some are not as comfortable with technology. This can make it difficult for them to perform their duties effectively. As an employer, it is important to find out if an applicant is comfortable using computers so that you can ensure they can do their job properly.

Going further, basic technical knowledge regarding this is not sufficient. They must also be able to troubleshoot problems or have backup devices in case their laptop crashes. Otherwise, you may end up with an employee who cannot fully utilize their skills and knowledge.

6. What do you like most about a medical assistant position?

This will give you an insight into what motivates them and what fulfillment they get from the job. From this, you can gauge whether they will be a good fit for your organization and if they can perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

Furthermore, asking about their favorite aspects of the job will also show that you are interested in their well-being and that you care about their opinions. This will make them feel valued as an employee and encourage them to stay with your company for longer. Thus, having this in your roster of questions for virtual medical assistants is a must.

7. Which strengths serve you best when working with patients or doctors?

When you are looking to hire a virtual medical assistant, it is important to find an applicant whose strengths will serve them well in the role. One of the best ways to gauge this is to ask them which of their strengths they believe is most beneficial when working with patients or doctors. For example, if they cite their ability to stay calm under pressure, you can ask them about a time when they had to manage a difficult situation. This will give you insight into how they would handle a situation that may arise in your office.

Alternatively, if they cite their organizational skills, you can ask them how they keep track of their tasks and priorities. This will help you to see how well they would be able to handle the administrative side of the job. Asking applicants about their strengths is a great way to get an idea of how they would perform in the role of a virtual medical assistant.

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