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VMA Anatomy: Virtual Medical Assistant Qualities to Look For

There are certain virtual medical assistant qualities you need to look out for. Know what they are in this blog!

When hiring, looking out for certain virtual medical assistant qualities is critical. After all, these individuals play a vital role in providing care for patients and keeping medical practices running smoothly. However, quality can be challenging to find when hiring remotely.

One of the challenges is to measure a Virtual Medical Assistant’s (VMA) skill level from a resume alone. Another challenge is an overwhelming number of applications to sort through. This makes identifying the most qualified candidates very time consuming. Finally, building trust with someone you have never met can be tricky. While there are certainly challenges involved in hiring a quality VMA, it is possible to find great employees if you take the time to carefully screen candidates and ask the right questions. 

But first, what can VMAs do for your practice?

First and foremost, they can help improve patient care by taking over clerical tasks. Such tasks include scheduling appointments, ordering prescriptions, and verifying insurance benefits. Additionally, VMAs can help increase efficiency within your practice by handling various administrative tasks which includes coding and billing. Finally, VMAs can free your time to focus on more critical tasks, such as patient care. When choosing a virtual medical assistant, it is crucial to look for specific virtual medical assistant qualities.

By learning the virtual medical assistant qualities you need to check off your list, you can ensure that your practice receives the high-quality staff it deserves. 

Here are some virtual medical assistant qualities to look for.

1. Clerical Skills

When looking for the right virtual medical assistant qualities, clerical skill is among the most important. An administrative skill is vital because a virtual medical assistant needs to handle a variety of tasks. These numerous tasks consist of answering phones, scheduling appointments, and managing patient files. They also need to follow up with patients after their appointments and keep track of their medical records.

Clerical skills are essential in maintaining a smooth and efficient office. Without them, virtual medical assistants will quickly become overwhelmed and unable to perform their duties properly. Thus, when considering virtual medical assistant qualities, give extra weight to those with strong clerical skills.

2. Attentive to details

This quality is essential in a virtual medical assistant because they will be responsible for managing your schedule, keeping track of your appointments, and reminding you of any important deadlines.

Keeping a close eye on details can be especially important when completing medical documentation, as minor errors can have serious consequences. Additionally, a detail-oriented VMA is most needed to catch potential problems before they occur, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

If your VMA can pay close attention to their work and double-check it for accuracy, they have the attention to detail that virtual medical assistants need.

3. Medical background

Having a medical background is one of the virtual medical assistant qualities you must watch out for. A virtual medical assistant with medical experience will better understand the complex terms and procedures used in the medical field. For a VMA who is unfamiliar with the medical field, they will require additional time and expense to train. In addition, a virtual medical assistant with a medical background will be better able to communicate with doctors and other medical professionals. They are also well versed in interpreting complex medical documents.

Possessing a history in the medical field means that the VMAs have the training and knowledge necessary to provide accurate and reliable medical support. They should also be comfortable using different types of medical software, as this can be a significant part of their job.

4. Emphatic customer service

One of the most critical virtual medical assistant qualities is emphatic customer service. If you hire a VMA who does not have excellent customer service skills, it may be difficult to retain patients in your practice.

A virtual medical assistant who can empathize with clients and understand their needs is essential in providing the best care. This customer service is significant for virtual medical assistants because they often work with patients experiencing great stress or loss. By empathizing with their client’s patients, virtual medical assistants can provide the type of care that will help reduce this stress.

5. HIPAA compliant

If you’re looking for a virtual medical assistant, there are certain qualities you’ll want to make sure they have. One of the most important is that they’re HIPAA compliant, which means they understand and follow the regulations set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act is in place to protect patient’s privacy, and virtual medical assistants must be able to uphold this standard.

VMAs should know how to handle sensitive information and keep it confidential. They should also be familiar with how patient data is released to ensure they do it correctly. When looking for a virtual medical assistant, ensure they have this critical quality.

6. Experience

When it comes to virtual medical assistants, experience is one of the essential qualities to look for. A virtual medical assistant who has been working in the field for a long time will have a deep understanding of the work that they need to perform and will be able to provide high-quality support. Further, an experienced virtual medical assistant will be able to anticipate the needs of the doctor and will be able to provide timely and accurate information.

Also, an experienced virtual medical assistant will have developed strong relationships with other members of the healthcare team and will be able to provide them with the support they need. When searching for a virtual medical assistant, look for someone with a wealth of experience in the field. 

Where to look for VMAs that check all the boxes?

At Core Virtual Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with high-quality virtual medical assistants with all the qualities they want. Suppose you are looking for someone with clerical skills, medical background, keen attention to detail, emphatic customer service skills, HIPAA compliance, and experience. In that case, Core is the way to go.

Our industry experts are more than happy to discuss your VMA needs further. Schedule an appointment here at your convenience!

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