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What is a Virtual Assistant, Do You Need One?

Learn what is a Virtual Assistant, how they can help your business, and why hiring one is beneficial.

Technology has evolved massively over the years and with it, the possibility of hiring a Virtual Assistant. With the increasing usage of computers, the internet, smart devices, etc., the world is rapidly becoming a global village. Because of this, there are fewer physical interactions between people around the globe. It is evident especially now that every business is shifting in the digital space.

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Working in the corporate world is challenging, but it gets even more so as a start-up company. You know that feeling when you’re at work and everything is stressful? You have so many tasks on your mind, but it never seems like enough. It can be tough to find time for anything because there always seem to be more demands coming in from all directions. If only there were someone who could help take care of some of these things so that your business would run smoothly. That’s when Virtual Assistant comes in.

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Virtual Assistant is a unique individual with the necessary skills for any project or task. They provide clients assistance in running a business, from managing projects to planning appointments remotely. They are someone with high-level technical knowledge and interpersonal communication abilities needed nowadays. Moreover, they use various software and application tools online to get the job done.

When virtual assistant works directly for a company, they become an integral part of its structure. They work from their homes and offices as self-employed consultants or on behalf of a company, business, or individual. Virtual assistants differ from traditional secretaries in that they are responsible for managing the email inbox and phone calls and setting up meetings and conference calls. They perform many of the tasks business owners need to run their companies, no matter how small or large. Virtual assistance is so convenient that some consider it an essential department in any office building today.

Furthermore, virtual assistants are the most flexible employees since they can work with many different companies and do not require benefits or a minimum number of hours per week. Virtual assistance is also cost-effective, costing less than hiring an employee or even contracting out specific projects. Their services are in high demand by small businesses and entrepreneurs alike needing this type of support. Working with a virtual assistant is an excellent way to have the workforce necessary while they’re busy handling other responsibilities.

In short, virtual assistants provide administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office, typically working from a home-based location. They can work autonomously with limited supervision.

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What Can a VA Do?

As the name implies, virtual assistants can assist clients with a broad range of tasks. They are independent professionals who provide general administrative support at a particular time or project. VA services include taking care of things like scheduling meetings, drafting emails, and customer service assistance. They take notes, input data, conduct market research; organize travel arrangements, and do more complex tasks like preparing presentations or managing social media accounts.

A significant consideration is whether they have skills in areas one needs to be proficient. It’s also essential for potential virtual assistants to have excellent communication skills and the time required for this type of work

General VA vs. Specialty VA

When looking for a Virtual Assistant (VA), it is essential to consider what type of support you need. VAs can be a great asset, but it is vital to understand the difference between general and specific VAs.

Here are the differences between the two:

General VA 

  • Provides basic admin support
  • Cater wide range of service
  • Oversee general tasks
  • Can run broad demands

Specialty VA

  • Provide specific skill support
  • Cater specialized services
  • Oversee exclusive tasks
  • Runs target industry function

While both types of VAs can be highly beneficial, the best option for you will ultimately depend on the specific needs of your business. If you are not sure which type of VA would be best for your needs, our team can help you assess your requirements and make the best decision for your business.

How to Decide if You Need a Virtual Assistant?

]In this fast-paced world, it helps to have a Personal Assistant (PA), but the person you hire should be someone who can keep up with your ever-changing demands so that they are ready and able to take on the task no matter when you need it. Virtual assistants always make it easier for you and your business without sacrificing any efficiency or quality of work!

You should consider hiring a virtual assistant if:

  • Feels like you don’t have the time or energy to manage your business daily.
  • Wants to relieve the stress and anxiety related to work overload.
  • Wants to work from home or take on more responsibilities at your current job without adding time constraints.
  • Looks into cutting down expenses, and you may not have the disposable income to hire a full-time worker in addition to yourself.
  • Eager to boost your business performance without doing more work.

If you identify yourself as mentioned above, it’s time for you to hire one!

Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Finding the right person for the task might take time initially, but it will be worth it in the long run. If you are all set and have decided to get one, look no further! Core Virtual Solutions is here with the perfect virtual assistant for your needs!

The right person can make or break your business. We are here for any questions about our services and help you find the best fit for you. Schedule a FREE Strategy Consultation Call with us or call us at (858) 800-0064.

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