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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire HIPAA- Compliant Virtual Medical Assistants

Why do you really need HIPAA-compliant Virtual Medical Assistants? Keep reading to find out!

What is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)? 

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law. It was introduced to protect individuals’ healthcare information and records in the United States. HIPAA safeguards all identifiable health-related data held by healthcare providers, health plans, or other related organizations that handle this information. It requires stringent standards for managing such confidential data. Additionally, it includes privacy rules for maintaining security while exchanging medical information electronically. 

HIPAA also encourages efficiency across the healthcare system by providing guidelines to ensure high-quality care at a reasonable cost. All in all, HIPAA is an essential piece of legislation that promotes patient protection. On the one hand and cost-effective delivery of care on the other.

Why is it important to have HIPAA-compliant Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs)?

HIPAA compliance is essential to any successful healthcare team. It protects the privacy of patient records, ensuring confidential medical information remains secure. This safeguards patients’ rights to privacy and dignity and helps maintain trust between patients and their medical teams. HIPAA compliance also reduces the risk of financial penalties for healthcare providers. This allows them to remain financially healthy and improve public confidence in their services. 

Also, it ensures that all healthcare team members follow the same laws. Thus, creating uniformity among medical personnel and confidentiality across clinics. By following HIPAA guidelines closely, medical teams can be sure that all personal data shared between them will remain safe and private. 

What can HIPAA-compliant Virtual Medical Assistants do for you? 

  1. Schedule patient appointments 
  2. Update Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  3. Answer patient inquiries 
  4. Follow up on unpaid bills 
  5. Accomplish patient intake
  6. Prepare daily reports in advance of the next day’s visits
  7. Receive incoming phone calls/messages
  8. Coordinates  prescription refills
  9. Transcribe medical reports, office visit notes, and other medical documents 
  10. Accompany physician and patients’ examinations virtually and documents patient information into the EMR during the patient encounter  

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Being an important aspect, here are the reasons why you should hire HIPAA-compliant Virtual Medical Assistants (VMA)!

1. They have a mastery of HIPAA requirements. 

HIPAA-compliant virtual medical assistants are fast becoming invaluable assets to healthcare providers everywhere. They are experts in all HIPAA requirements. This allows healthcare staff to concentrate on other essential aspects of their work while still providing quality patient care. A HIPAA-compliant virtual medical assistant ensures that both the privacy of patient records and compliance with HIPAA regulations are maintained. These professionals are a crucial part of any healthcare provider’s success. They help keep patients’ health information secure while still providing excellent service and support. Ultimately, they are experts in complying with this law. 

2. They are diligent in protecting sensitive information.

In an age of increasing digital threats to patient privacy, security is one of your priorities. So, healthcare organizations can trust HIPAA-compliant Virtual Medical Assistants for the utmost security. They have a responsibility to protect sensitive patient information as required. This means every patient’s medical data must be kept secure from unauthorized access. These regulations are in place not only for the safeguarding of personal information. They are also for protecting our health privacy and financial interests. 

Because of this, VMAs are up-to-date on all HIPAA requirements. They ensure that all procedures are securely followed and each patient’s sensitive information is treated with respect. These professionals guarantee that sensitive information is kept confidential and safe.  Consequently, they know to prevent potential ransomware attacks and costly violations of HIPAA regulations. With this, patients can trust that their data remains protected. With their stringent standards, they surely know how to guarantee and secure access to web-based services in the field of medicine. HIPAA continues to be an important factor in the healthcare system. That’s why VMAs work diligently to make sure that they meet those stipulations with care.

3. They don’t need to undergo extensive training anymore. 

Healthcare providers can embrace a revolutionary resource with the advent of VMAs. Because they already have experience and previous training, you don’t have to worry about teaching them anymore. What you need to do is merely to onboard the new members of your team. By utilizing these HIPAA-compliant Virtual Medical Assistants, physicians like you can access experienced candidates quickly. 

More so, you can do it at an economical cost while still adhering to all pertinent rules and regulations. This allows you peace of mind knowing you are providing you patients with only the highest quality care! With this invaluable help, healthcare practitioners have more time and energy dedicated to patients. Instead of worrying about compliance details, you can now focus on what matters most. 

4. They ensure breaches won’t occur. 

Healthcare providers are turning to HIPAA-compliant virtual medical assistants for a secure solution when accessing patient data online. These professionals understand the sensitive nature of healthcare information. Moreover, they have been trained in accordance with strict regulations, ensuring compliance with necessary confidentiality standards. Utilizing these VMAs can help ward off potential security breaches. They can also enhance customer service by providing patients efficient access to their care needs. All this without compromising privacy or safety.

5. Their equipment is protected. 

HIPAA-compliant virtual medical assistants are making a marked difference in the healthcare landscape. They have a big responsibility when it comes to adhering to HIPAA law. To protect the confidentiality of patient information, they use appropriate protective equipment like firewalls, passwords and encryption technology. 

Additionally, they adequately secure medical records, with the utmost care taken to prevent any unauthorized access. This equipment and processes help assure that sensitive data is kept completely secure.  This also ensures compliance with the HIPAA standards for protecting personal health information. VMAs are therefore an integral part of a team providing high-level security for confidential patient records. Most importantly, they ensure that patients’ privacy rights remain intact.

Core Virtual Solutions’ Virtual Medical Assistants are all HIPAA compliant! 

We understand the importance of HIPAA-compliant Virtual Medical Assistants. So we have done the hard work for you. We’ve gone through an in-depth vetting process to curate a database of only the best VMAs for hire. With us, you can rest assured that HIPAA compliance will never be a concern. So cut to the chase and book a free discovery call with us by clicking here!

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