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7 Practices to Set New Goals With Your Remote Team This 2023

Importance of setting goals with your remote team 

Working can be difficult, especially if you do not set goals with your remote team. Without plans in place to focus on, it’s easy for your remote team to lose its direction and become unproductive. Poor communication and decreased motivation can also occur without goals since there’s no tangible endpoint or accomplishment to strive for. Thus, goals with your remote team are essential.

Setting goals with your remote team is key to achieving success. With goals in place, you can keep track of progress and leverage the unique abilities of each team member. Establishing goals focuses on results, encourages team collaboration, and motivates employees by giving them something to work towards.  

So, for the upcoming new year, here are seven practices to set new goals with your remote team this 2023.

1. Recap the year 

The new year is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the goals you achieved (or didn’t) with your remote team in 2022. Consequently, you can use it to set more innovative and better-aligned goals for 2023. Reflect upon last year’s successes, challenges, accomplishments, mistakes, goals met, or unmet goals. This is so you can analyze what works and doesn’t. 

Doing this will help you find better solutions to address whatever problems may have arisen along the way. Further, it builds motivation within your team by allowing them to measure their progress. Ultimately, setting goals for the new year keeps everyone focused on what matters most. Most importantly, it fosters collective achievement in the upcoming year.

2. Start simple 

As the new year approaches, it is time to get into goal-setting mode. Establishing goals for your remote team can be challenging, but the SMART technique simplifies it. By setting goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound, you can ensure that everyone’s goals are streamlined. It also helps them work efficiently towards their objectives. 

In addition, restructuring or reassessing goals at regular intervals keeps the motivation strong within your team. It allows you to celebrate small victories while keeping an eye on long-term goals. Having goals provides direction to the workflow and increases accountability and performance. So start simple with the SMART technique to set realistic goals with your remote team this upcoming new year.

3. Set a timeline 

An effective way to help ensure that you achieve these goals is by creating a timeline. This timeline is what you’ll use as a roadmap to achieve your goals. Through the timeline, team members will understand when plans should be completed. It also creates deadlines to sharpen focus on the tasks ahead. With everyone understanding the expectations, goals can be more effectively managed, making this timeline-oriented system great for any organization with a remote team.

4. Align with your remote team 

As the new year approaches, it’s essential to take time and evaluate goals with your remote team. Equally important is making sure everyone knows the company goals. Set aside an hour or two for a virtual meeting where you can discuss company goals and break it down into milestones or actionable steps. Achieving this step would make everyone accountable. Make sure to consider goals from the top down and ensure that each team member’s goals align with the company goals. Creating a plan together will ensure everyone is on the same page moving forward, making remote collaboration easier and more successful.

5. Encourage them to have individual goals. 

Starting the new year with goals is a great way to inspire motivation in your remote team. Encourage them to come up with personal goals and ones tied to their role as an employee of your company. This can help push them to meet their objectives effectively. With goals in place, your remote team will better understand what they need to work on and how it contributes to your company’s success. 

The goals also serve as a tangible benchmark against which you can measure progress over the coming months. Setting goals isn’t just about achieving them; it’s about continuously fostering growth for yourself and the team too.

6. Come up with specific action plans. 

This new year is a great opportunity for our company to set ambitious goals and turn them into reality. Developing specific action plans is essential to succeeding at reaching our targets. To start:

  1. Begin by identifying measurable objectives that allow us to track progress as the year progresses.
  2. Create an organized system for integrating strategies between departments that help tackle these measurable objectives.
  3. Once you have established your goals, assign realistic timelines with task assignments to ensure that we progress within each timeline.

Last but not least, regularly assess the progress of the action plans so scope creep and delays can be avoided while still understanding what resources are needed to complete each step properly.  

7. Find a way to track the team’s progress. 

As a manager of remote teams, there can be challenges in tracking progress and understanding the team’s achievements. To monitor performance and stay informed of the company’s goals being met, it is essential to implement an effective tracking system. It could be as simple as assigning employees tasks or projects on an online project management system; this allows for visibility of individual progress and needed guidance along the way. 

Having consistent feedback loops with measurable results also helps keep everyone accountable for their work. With clear communication between members and detailed steps mapped out ahead of time, managers can feel confident that their teams reach the desired outcomes for each task or project successfully. With the right tools in place, tracking your remote team’s progress throughout the year becomes easier, ensuring high performance and productivity is achieved.

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