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7 Ways VMAs Help Pediatricians

Why do Pediatricians need help? 

Pediatricians do so much for their patients, that’s why Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs) are here to help Pediatricians like you. Their help to children is valuable and irreplaceable. Whether providing routine maintenance and vaccinations or working with a child with a mental health condition, these doctors do whatever it takes. Unfortunately, Pediatricians also need help as their numerous and vitally essential tasks can be taxing, leading to burnout. Recognizing this and doing what we can to help lessen that burden. Ultimately, they will help ensure Pediatricians continue providing the highest quality care for our children.

Benefits of delegating to Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs) 

For Pediatricians, delegating specific administrative tasks to Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs) can help streamline patient visits. It also frees up more time for crucial provider-patient interactions. When care providers make the most of their available resources, they can better support the needs of their young patients. By integrating VMAs into their practice, providers can help ensure healthier outcomes with improved care delivery. 

Additionally, VMAs also help improve workflows by taking on tedious, time-consuming tasks. These include appointment scheduling and insurance claim processing so that providers can focus their energy on more critical issues. Not only is this an efficient way to maintain a successful pediatric practice, but it’s also the most practical approach.

To achieve these things, VMAs help pediatricians like you by performing these tasks! 

1. Schedules patient consultations, vaccination, or treatment 

Pediatricians rely on Virtual Medical Assistants to help with their patient’s consultations, vaccinations, and treatments. VMAs help busy Pediatricians track upcoming appointments and promptly ensure that patients receive proper vaccinations and treatments. In addition, Virtual Medical Assistants help reduce the human error involved in manually scheduling visits or administering medications. 

By automating these processes, Virtual Medical Assistants ensure that patients receive quality care while saving time and money. With their help, Pediatricians can confidently provide comprehensive care to their patients. 

2. Updates children’s record to document their growth and development.

Virtual Medical Assistants are essential for helping pediatricians stay on top of the changes during their patient’s growth and development. Also, having updated records help to ensure that all health data is up-to-date, accurate, and easily accessible when needed. Pediatricians can rely on VMAs to update children’s records on time while they focus on treating their young patients. Additionally, documents generated by these assistants help provide a comprehensive snapshot of the patient’s overall progress. More importantly, they can help identify possible medical issues before they become acute problems.

3. Writes medical prescriptions and lab orders 

Traditionally, Pediatricians had to write out all medical prescriptions and lab orders for their patients by hand. This made it difficult to maintain accuracy and cut into valuable face-to-face time with the patient. Thankfully, VMAs help streamline the process by accurately creating the correct documents at a much faster pace. As a result, medical labs can then receive the orders directly from these digital documents. It makes the whole process more efficient for the doctor and their busy parent patients. 

4. Prepares daily reports in advance of the children’s visits

Virtual Medical Assistants help pediatricians prepare for a patient’s visit by preparing daily reports beforehand. This allows Pediatricians to save time by having important information already gathered in advance. 

By harnessing the power of technology, Virtual Medical Assistants allow pediatricians to provide better care for their patients without spending hours preparing for each visit. While some may see this as an impersonal approach, it can help build trust with the parents. Certainly, they will appreciate the doctor’s ability to quickly help their child due increased focus given to their children.

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5. Educates patients and family members about the children’s health conditions

One of the essential benefits of delegating to VMAs is the simplification of the administrative side of healthcare. They also help patients and families access important advice and education about their children’s health conditions. 

By leveraging Virtual Medical Assistants, Pediatricians and parents can ensure that they have all the necessary information to help their kids. Aside from providing practical tips, Virtual Medical Assistants can help provide peace of mind for families and parents. This way, everyone can better understand at-home treatments, monitor symptoms for changes, ask relevant questions about diagnoses, and find specialist care when needed.

6. Checks in on the patient regularly to record their progress.

Virtual Medical Assistants help pediatricians ensure their patients are making progress necessary for healthy living. When a patient is assigned to a Pediatrician, VMAs can check in  and record any changes progress over time. This system allows pediatricians to easily recognize any issues or concerns that may arise. Because of this, they can intervene immediately instead of waiting long periods between appointments. By reducing the risk of patients slipping through the cracks, VMAs help keep children safe thanks to the help of their doctor.

7. Handles billing duties 

Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs) are making a big impact on healthcare, especially when it comes to helping pediatricians. They consolidate many of the tedious back-office activities associated with medical billing and help medical practices save on labor costs.

VMAs can send out patient bills, collect payments for office visits, a rebate to insurance companies, and review coding accuracy. They even help spot any early signs of fraud so that the practice complies with legal requirements. By freeing pediatricians from the extra burden of billing duties, VMAs enable them to give personalized attention to their young patients.

Let us help Pediatricians like you!

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It shows how wise you are in handling your practice. This is because you know how to pick qualified people and delegate tasks to them. Meet the people to help pediatricians like you by booking a free discovery call with our industry experts! Click here to choose the best time for you.

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