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How can a Medical Scribe Help you?

If you are burdened with numerous medical records, then hiring virtual medical scribes is the answer! See what they can do for you.

In the world of health care, people play many different roles and this team includes the medical scribe. Physicians, nurses, and other clinicians are essential in providing quality care to patients. However, there is another critical role in health care that often goes unnoticed. Medical scribes are crucial in ensuring that patients receive timely and accurate care. 

What does a Virtual Medical Scribe do? 

They are healthcare professionals who work with doctors or other healthcare providers to document patient care. They can help you in your medical practice by assisting with documentation, improving patient flow, and reducing the administrative burden on providers. Their primary function is to take note of the doctor-patient interaction accurately. However, rules prohibit them from writing down any information not authorized by the physician. By reducing the time spent charting, medical scribes can allow providers to focus their attention on patients. 

If you’re looking for a way to improve your practice, consider hiring a medical scribe.

But first, how does a medical scribe help you in your medical practice? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Medical scribes write notes during a patient check-up. 

A traditional set up during a doctor visit is where the physician switches tasks from talking to the patient to making sure that he documents all the data he needs. However, a medical scribe is now accountable for recording the consultation in real-time. They are responsible for recording a patient’s medical history, review of the physical examination, laboratory results, diagnosis, and other notes as directed by the physician. Lastly, they take note of the patient’s treatment plan and medication list.

Scribes are trained to document medical information precisely and accurately. They work closely with physicians to ensure that all relevant information is well-noted. In recent years, medical scribes have become increasingly popular as more and more physicians seek ways to improve efficiency and optimize patient care.

2. Medical Scribes assist physicians in the administration of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). 

They assist physicians in administering medical care by documenting medical histories and dictating medical reports. Scribes also play an essential role in maintaining medical records, as they are responsible for inputting medical data into electronic medical record (EMR) systems. They make sure that EMRs are well-organized so that physicians can access them easily.

3. A medical scribe aids in locating patient information for physician’s review. 

They help in locating and reviewing patient information. Scribes are most needed in medical settings with a high volume of patient information needing a review. They can help find specific information that a doctor may need to check and keep track of. Relevant data includes past and present notes, medical history, diagnosis, and laboratory results. Consequently, the doctor will not be required to search the bulk of patient records to seek relevant patient information.  

Hence, scribes can be an essential part of the medical team as they help ensure that all of the necessary information is available for review at the tip of the doctor’s hand.

4. Medical scribes research information needed by the doctor. 

They are also responsible for doing research. For example, suppose a doctor needs information about a particular medical condition. In that case, the scribe can be accountable for researching the condition and providing the doctor with the relevant information. In this way, medical scribes play an essential role in supporting the work of doctors and other medical professionals. 

5. Medical scribes support in answering messages. 

As the doctor’s right-hand man during check-ups, they can be delegated to answer messages received by the physicians. Since they are already familiar with the consultation recently conducted, doctors may authorize them to address some of the basic inquiries sent in by patients.

Benefits of hiring a Virtual Medical Scribe

1. Boosts efficiency 

A study revealed that medical scribes could help to improve provider efficiency by allowing them to focus on the patient while someone else handles documentation. Further, they ensure that all relevant information is documented. This part of a scribe’s function can be beneficial when a patient relays complex medical history or describes symptoms. In addition, virtual medical scribes can help improve the accuracy of medical documentation, reducing the risk of errors and improving the quality of care. 

2. Enhances physician satisfaction

They can free up valuable time that would otherwise be spent on documentation tasks. Less time dedicated to charting can allow physicians to focus more on direct patient care activities, increasing satisfaction. Overall, they can enhance physician satisfaction by freeing up time and improving the accuracy of medical documentation. 

3. Increases doctor-patient interaction

A scribe is an integral part of the doctor-patient interaction. They are also is responsible for documenting the medical encounter in real-time. This allows the doctor to focus on the patient and provide care rather than having to look away to record the meeting. For instance, when a patient indicates their symptoms or conditions, the physician no longer needs to take time away from a patient to list his notes as he has already assigned this task to a medical scribe. As a result, they play a vital role in helping to improve doctor-patient communication. 

4. Raises physician income

Since they unburden the doctor from writing down notes during a patient check-up, it allows room for more productivity. Doctors lessen their time recording voluminous notes, which results in a faster conclusion of check-ups. The more patients enter, the more income it is for the healthcare provider.  

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Where can you find quality Virtual Medical Scribes?

Core Virtual Solutions screens virtual medical scribes with medical backgrounds and ensures they are well-trained to mitigate the administrative load that burdens a physician. In addition, Core provides scribes who are well-organized, detail-oriented, and have exceptional communication skills. As a result, you will no longer monitor them closely as they can work with minimal supervision. 

Talk to our industry experts to discuss your medical staffing needs! 

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