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How to Improve Patient Care with VMAs

Knowing how to improve patient care is a top priority for every healthcare worker. And this blog is here to help you with that. Read through!

Importance of delivering an excellent patient care 

How to improve patient care and deliver the best care to many are the cornerstone of medicine. It is the reason why you become a doctor and the reason why you continue to practice medicine. Every day, you face opportunities to make a difference in the lives of your patients. And while some of these interactions may be routine, others have the potential to change lives forever.

Delivering excellent patient care is not only a responsibility but a privilege. It is an opportunity to act as a healer and a conduit for change. When you take the time to truly listen to your patients and understand their needs, you can make a positive impact on their health and their lives. You can help them navigate their journey through illness and disease and, ultimately, help them attain their desired state of health. In your journey of continuously improving your practice, you are not without help. You can leverage remote medical staff such as Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs) for your medical practice.

With VMAs by your side, you can now focus on how to improve patient care. 

A physician aiming for a clear communication with patients to improve patient care.

1. Have a clear communication with patients 

In the medical field, it is essential to have clear communication with patients to provide the best possible care. Hiring virtual medical assistants can be the answer to how to improve patient care by providing a clear and concise way for doctors and nurses to communicate with patients. VMAs will handle answering inquiries or sharing valuable resources with patients. This can help to ensure that patients understand their diagnosis and treatment plan, and it can also help to reduce the risk of errors.

A physician ensuring faster replies to inquiries to improve patient care.

2. Ensure faster replies to inquiries 

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to wait on hold for customer service. You know the drill: you call the company, wait through a seemingly endless series of automated prompts, and finally hear a click as you’re transferred to a human being. But what if there was a way to avoid all that wasted time? That’s the idea behind virtual medical assistants.

Hiring virtual medical assistants who work remotely allows healthcare organizations to provide faster and more efficient patient care. This could be a way of having the VMA reply faster to patient inquiries. They’ll also address urgent patient needs in the process. Taking on some of the routine tasks associated with patient care can free up doctors and nurses to focus on more pressing matters.

A physician having his Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA) to organize his schedule in order to improve patient care.

3. Organize your schedule

One of the best ways to ensure patients receive the care they need is to keep a well-organized schedule. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to do when doctors and nurses are constantly being pulled in different directions. However, hospitals and clinics can take a big step toward improving patient care by hiring virtual medical assistants. Virtual assistants can handle various tasks, from scheduling appointments to ordering laboratory tests. In setting the appointments, they aim to organize the clinic’s schedule to prevent overlaps and any inconvenience. 

A physician aiming to decrease patient’s waiting time as a response on how to improve patient care.

4. Decrease patient’s waiting time 

One of the essential factors in keeping your practice afloat is knowing how to improve patient care. And there are many ways to achieve this goal. One of the most effective is to hire virtual medical assistants. With virtual medical assistants, patients will lessen their waiting time and can be seen by a physician promptly. This decrease in waiting time will lead to improved patient care and satisfaction. In addition, virtual medical assistants allow doctors to see more patients in a day, leading to enhanced patient care and increased revenue.

A physician aiming make patient insurance verification faster to improve patient care.

5. Make patient insurance verification faster

How to improve patient care is always a critical topic in the field of healthcare. There are many ways to go about it, but one of the most important is faster insurance verification. This verifies that a patient’s insurance will cover their care. It can be time-consuming, but it’s essential to ensure that patients get the care they need. One way to speed up the process is to hire virtual medical assistants. These experienced professionals can help verify insurance information quickly and efficiently.

A physician aiming to have longer time with patients during checkups to improve patient care.

6. Have longer time with patients during checkups 

The time doctors and nurses spend with each patient is often limited every day. Data from 2018 revealed that US physicians only spend an average of 13 minutes to 24 minutes with each patient. Further, only 1 in 10 doctors spend more than 25 minutes of checkup or consultation with their patients. As a result, many essential aspects of care can fall by the wayside. However, by hiring virtual medical assistants, you can have more time to provide longer and more comprehensive checkups. Virtual medical assistants can handle various tasks, from scheduling appointments to taking down insurance information.

This means that doctors and nurses will have more time to listen to their patients and address their concerns. In addition, virtual medical assistants can help to ensure that all vital information is delivered to the doctor in a timely fashion. As a result, hiring virtual medical assistants can significantly improve patient care.

A physician aiming to provide more opportunities for educating patients to improve patient care.

7. Provide more opportunities for educating patients 

VMAs can play an essential role in educating patients about their health. By taking the time to explain test results, medication side effects, and other health-related topics, VMAs can help improve patient understanding and compliance with treatment plans. These could prevent confusion and misinterpretations on the part of the patient.

A physician aiming to have a remote patient monitoring system to improve patient care.

8. Have a remote patient monitoring system

One way to answer the question of how to improve patient care is by hiring virtual medical assistants. They can serve as a remote patient monitoring assistant, in effect, and help to keep track of patients’ progress and relay information between the doctor and patient. VMAs can record patient diagnostics and conditions, organize them, and relay them to you. They’ll also make sure that the patients are following their aftercare instructions. This way, patients will receive the necessary care at home or anywhere.

A physician aiming to reduce lapses in follow-up or aftercare to improve patient care.

9. Reduce lapses in follow-up or aftercare 

Virtual medical assistants can help to provide fewer lapses in follow-up or aftercare and address your problem of improving patient care. By having someone dedicated to following up with patients after their appointment, you can help to ensure that they attend their follow-up appointments. This can include making sure they take their medications as prescribed, following up on any referrals made, and scheduling necessary follow-up appointments.

Enhance your patient care with Core VMAs. 

Alas, the big question: how to improve patient care? It’s a goal that Core Virtual Solutions can help you with. You can let go of some administrative and medical-related tasks with Core VMAs. Consequently, this would give you more time with patients and improve patient care. To help you with this goal, schedule a free discovery call with our industry experts!

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